LtoR: Brian Camilleri, BJ Zappa, Jimi Bell, Mike Gill & Mark Zito are BEYOND PURPLE!

Beyond Purple has quickly become a fan favorite packing venues all over Southern New England.  Between singer Mike Gill's strong vocals and energetic stage performances along with guitarist Jimi Bell's amazing guitar.


Playing along with the silky smooth keyboard on the heavy Hammond organ with a steady and strong rhythm section by Mark Zito.  Along with the thunderous rhythm section of Brian Camilleri and Bj Zampa. 


Beyond Purple has the audience on their feet all night long screaming for more.  Beyond Purple lays it all out in the stage to bring you back to the 70’s and 80’s musical experience that we all love and miss.

Jimi Bell, Mark Zito, Brian Camilleri, BJ Zappa and Mike Gill are BEYOND PURPLE!

Beyond Purple consist of professional musicians that have years of experience. Beyond Purple’s show starts off with early Deep Purple Hits with an energy of an authentic Deep Purple Show, along with the Hits of Rainbow, Whitesnake and Dio.